Jade I. Hendricks is a woman on a mission to shift the perspective of wealth and legacy in disenfranchised 


Growing up in a single-parent household shaped Jade's initial perspective of wealth and security. This motivated  her to secure over $600,000 in scholarships in high school and successfully obtain her Bachelor's degree, debt-free. Recognizing the fortune and flexibility this provided in her transition to the workforce, Jade's mission is to share her story and help other students do the same.  As the oldest of three, Jade has a strong sense of responsibility for the people in her community that she is able to influence, which drives her passion for service and leadership. 

Primarily focused on personal finance, Jade volunteers with local organizations that work with high school students on college preparation, professional development and financial education.

Jade's professional background includes working for Fortune 100 companies, Oracle and Morgan Stanley, where she's developed training programs, educated Millennial clients and enhanced Diversity & Inclusion initiatives to grow the talent pipeline. She plans to leverage this knowledge and experience to create her own programs, facilitate workshops and establish her brand as a coach within personal finance and early career development.

By night, Jade enjoys spending time with her family and pup, Shiloh. She is also passionate about wholistic health and wellness, maintaining a consistent workout regimen and reaching her fifth year on a plant-based diet. Her favorite motto is "discipline and consistency equals results," and she applies that to every aspect of her life with the intention of leading by example.

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